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Write Telegraph with Markdown

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Denpo allows you to upload your local Markdown files to Telegraph which has got no idea how to deal with it and even has limitation of some HTML elements (<code>, etc.. Unfortunately, Telegraph cannot display <h1> or <h2>). Besides, Denpo provides short link services like TinyURL and redirection through Cloudflare Workers (you may set up yourself, how to?) that enables you to share links to people under surveillance from their ISP, school, and government. And it’s free.


Markdown Supports

Denpo supports:

  • <h1> as headline
  • Basic: <h3>, <h4>, <em>, <strong>, <code>
  • Link: <a>
  • Quote: <blockquote>

Not supports now and in the future:

  • <h1>, <h2>
  • To-do lists
  • Tables


Screen Shot 1 Screen Shot 1


I’m Toto Minai, an Asian freshman of university and it’s my first time to distribute an app. I do this for developing my coding ability and one day supporting my tuition fee abroad 😢.

Since it’s my first app, there’re bugs round the place. We’ve got a Telegram group to discuss and report issues. Don’t hesitate to bother me.